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We are a traditional book publisher. We seek out the best authors and compensate them fairly for their well-written manuscripts, based purely on the marketability of their book. Our authors are expected to submit a professionally edited manuscript, relating to subjects that are of interest to a general audience.

Highly technical or complex topics are not for us. Nor are we interested in children’s books, poetry, fantasy, dystopian or any other genre that is not historical in nature. We do not sell publishing services to our authors, nor do we charge authors for any part of the manuscript preparation. If we believe your manuscript is marketable, we’ll invest the time and resources to get it to market.


We are looking for manuscripts relating to American wars during the 20th century, American culture, and American biographies. Manuscripts must offer a unique and compelling viewpoint, and shed light on interesting topics that would be of interest to a target market of readers 40+.


Our authors are expected to be active in marketing their books. They are expected to have a social media presence on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We also strongly encourage authors to be active on book platforms like Goodreads, Bookish, or Booklikes.

If you are interested in how to submit a book proposal to us, go here.

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