Career Highlights
• Over two decades of professional writing experience
• Journalist for United Press International
• Experienced sports reporter covering professional basketball
• Traveled to over 45 countries, making good things happen for people in need
• Former professional comedian now popular public speaker
• Taught electronic media at Weber State University, Ogden Utah
• Video producer (documentaries, features, corporate) over the past 15 years
• Interview experience ranges from heads of state, political dissidents and sports figures.
• Credentialed journalist with the Olympic News Service during 2002 Winter Games.

Brief Biography
At age 17, Gary Toyn stumbled wide-eyed into the locker room of the Utah Jazz to interview NBA great Pete Maravich. Although he was accosted for entering an area prohibited to journalists, his determination landed him an exclusive interview. Since that initial journalistic success, writing has been an ongoing passion.

He has lived a somewhat peripatetic life, having traveled the world for a variety of reasons. As a young man, he boarded a monstrous C-5 transport plane for his first gig in Europe, where he spent several years entertaining troops with the USO as a singer and comedian. He has spanned the globe having been launched off aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf, to surviving a helicopter crash in the jungles of Honduras. That exposure to military life galvanized his desire to support those who serve in the American Armed Forces.

After earning a degree in broadcast communication and sociology at Weber State University – he became involved in international affairs.
• He single-handedly organized a world-wide moment of silence for the slain Chinese students at Tiananmen Square. Radio stations world-wide either covered or participated in the event.
• He spearheaded a massive effort to collect millions of textbooks for the fledgling democracies in Eastern Europe.
• He organized an effort to collect and deliver vital medical supplies to orphanages in Romania.
• He developed a partnership that supported the first private university in the Soviet Union.

These various efforts were successful because he knew how to communicate with his intended audience. He used video to explain the cause, using his writing and story telling abilities to bring to life these causes on the small screen.

He has met and interviewed heads of state, key government figures and political dissidents around the world. Combining his performing and writing skills, he has become a popular public speaker. Currently he divides his time between being a parent of four children (ages 15-25), writing, teaching, and volunteering. He is proud to have a son serving in United States Air Force.

Media interviews:
Listen to one of his recent interviews on WELI (New Haven) The 960 WELI Morning Show with Jerry Kristafer

To schedule Gary W. Toyn for an interview, e-mail wwood(at), or call (toll free) 1-866-233-8165.

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